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monir farmanfarmaian and bita ghezelayagh in the jameel prize 2011

studio gallery and Room 42, Jameel gallery

Victoria & albert museum, london
21 july - 25 september 2011

The Jameel Prize is the V&A's £25,000 international art prize awarded to a contemporary artist or designer inspired by traditions of Islamic craft and design. This year, ten artists and designers have been shortlisted and the exhibition will display works ranging from felt costumes to sculpture made from hand-made terracotta bricks, and from mirror mosaic to digital collages inspired by traditional Persian miniature paintings. The winner will be announced on 12 September.

Monir Farmanfarmaian will exhibit 'Birds of Paradise' (2008), a work that demonstrates her distinctive style of adapting and combining Iranian traditions of mirror mosaic and reverse glass painting techniques with a modern aesthetic. Mirrors are cut and set in geometric patterns and integrated with coloured glass, referencing a range of influences in Islamic art, architecture and science. This particular work is inspired by the many feathers left by sparrows on her balcony in Tehran. Monir's work is on show in the Studio Gallery.

Bita Ghezelayagh will show three pieces from her 'Felt Memories' series (2008-9). She is inspired by the Islamic tradition of talismanic garments worn to protect the wearer from misfortune and most often used in a military context to give physical and spiritual protection when the ruler went into battle. She reinvents this tradition, which would originally have used luxurious materials by substituting this for an everyday rural material such as felt. Bita's work is on show in Room 42, Jameel Gallery.

The Jameel Prize 2011 exhibition will embark on an international tour, beginning at the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris in winter 2011/12. More details will be released at a later date. The Jameel Prize 2009 exhibition visited six venues across the Middle East Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, Damascus in Syria, Beiteddine in Lebanon, Sharjah in the UAE, Istanbul in Turkey and Casablanca in Morocco and was seen by a total of 49,161 visitors. The Jameel Prize 2009 was the first V&A exhibition to visit Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, the UAE and Morocco.

For more information on the Jameel Prize click here


A day of presentations, demonstrations, talks and screenings celebrating the shortlisted candidates for the Jameel Prize 2011. Rose Issa will introduce the work of Monir Farmanfarmaian and Bita Ghezelayagh will talk about her work.

The event runs from 11 - 17.15 pm
The talk of BIta Ghezelayagh is at 12.20 pm. The presentation of Monir Farmanfarmaian is at 16.45pm

For more information click here


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