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FArhad ahrarnia: canary in a coal mine

Edited by Rose Issa. With essays by Pippa Oldfield, Christopher de Bellaigue, Lutz Becker and Sara Raza.

In his sculptures and embroidered digital prints on canvas, contemporary artist Farhad Ahrarnia draws inspiration from his upbringing in Iran to comment on inter-cultural misunderstanding, media manipulation, and the ongoing tug-of-war between modernity and tradition. His multi-layered works resonate with symbolism and can be interpreted a multitude of ways, but the warmth, wit, vibrant colours and unsettling tension of loose threads and needles leave an immediate and lasting impression.

Published to coincide with a solo exhibition at Rose Issa Project

Beyond Art Production, 2011

120 pages
ISBN 978-0-9570213-1-0

RRP: £20


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