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(said baalbaki)

Painter Said Baalbaki, known as Baal, was born in Lebanon in 1974 and now lives in Berlin.

He first studied painting at the Institut des Beaux-Arts, Beirut (1998), followed by the Marwan Summer Academy at the Darat al Funun in Amman (2001). He then studied painting at the University of the Arts, Berlin (Universität der Künste Berlin), attending the masterclasses of Burkhard Held (2005). He graduated with a Masters of Arts from the Institute for Art in Context, University of the Arts, Berlin (2008).


His solo shows include “Baal: Sense of an Ending”, Rose Issa Projects, London (2011); “Wo die Sonne niederbrennt” (“Where the Sun Beats”), Herrenhaus Libnow, Germany (2011); “Still Lives–Still Alive”, at the Rafia Gallery, Damascus (2010); “I saw it...”, Schultz Contemporary, Berlin (2010); “Baal: A Heap of Broken Images”, Dome City Center (DCC), Beirut (2009); “Still Leben” (“Still Life”), Wilde Gallery, Berlin (2008); “Augenweiden” (“Eye Candy”), Vattenfall Europe, Berlin (2008); “Blow-Up”, NBK Studio, Berlin (2007); “Le chantier” (“The Site”), Goethe Institute, Beirut (2002); and “Les confessions” (“Confessions”), Galerie Zamman, Beirut (2000).

A selection of recent group shows includes "Arabicity/Ourouba" at the MEI, Washington DC, USA (2019); "Ourouba: The Eye of Lebanon", at the Beirut Art Fair, Lebanon (2017); "Tea with Nefertiti" (touring show), at the Mathaf, Doha (2012-13) and Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris (2013); “Art is the answer ! Contemporary Lebanese artists and designers”, Villa Empain, Brussels (2012); “Inventory #2”, Wilde Gallery, Berlin (2009); “Out of Place”, Kunstler aus dem Libanon in der Diaspora, Galerie Nord, Berlin (2009, catalogue); “Zimmer mit Aussicht” (“Room With a View”), Galerie Michael Schultz, Berlin (2009); “Und dann und wann ein weißer elefant” (“And Now and Then a White Elephant”), Kunst und Zoologie, Kunstverein Schwimmhalle Schloss Plon, Germany (2009); “Heldenhaft” (“Heroically”), Auto-i-DAT AG, Zurich (2009); “High in the Sky”, Universität der Künste, Berlin (catalogue, 2009); “Querschlage: Klasse Burkhard Held” (“Cross Stroke: the Burkhard Held Class”), Schloss Oberhausen, Germany (2009); “Red Dot”, Wilde Gallery, New York (2008); ”Aus dem Kontext: Masterarbeiten 07/08” (“From the Context: Masters Theses”), Universität der Künste, Berlin (catalogue; 2008); “Showdown! Klasse Burkhard Held”, Galerie Michael Schultz, Berlin (2008); “Inventory #1”, Wilde Gallery, Berlin (2008); “Museumsbauhütte” (“Museum Building Workshop”), Zwölf künstlerische Museen und Museumsentwürfe, Werkbundarchiv – Museum der dinge (Twelve Art Museums and Museum Designs, Werkbundarchiv – Museum of Things), Berlin (catalogue, 2008); “Fremdgehen: Klasse Burkhard Held in Halle” (“Cheating: the Burkhard Held Class in Halle”), Galerie im Volkspark, Halle (2007); ”Dialog der Generationen Berlin-Prag” (“Dialogue of Generations, Berlin-Prague”), Kommunale Galerie, Berlin (2007); “7 Welttrienale der kleingrafik” (“The Seventh World Triennial of Small Graphics”), Mussen Alte Bischofburg, Wittstock, Germany (2007); “Dialoggeneraci Berlin-Praha” (“Dialogue Berlin-Prague”), Galerie Diamant, Czech Republic (2006); “Meisterschülerpreis Ausstellung” (“Protégé Prize Exhibition”), Galerie Michael Schulz, Berlin (catalogue, 2006); ”7eme triennale mondiale” (“The Seventh World Triennale”), Chamliers, Auvergne, France (catalogue, 2006); ”Grafikpodium VI”, Kiezspinne, Berlin (2006); “Impact 4”, Universität der Kunst, Berlin (2005); “Al Bab” (“The Gate”), Beirut Theatre, Lebanon (2004); “Freitag der Dreizehnte” (“Friday the Thirteenth”), Kunstakademie Münster, Germany; “Bi-Rout”, Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin (catalogue, 2002); Darat al Funun, Amman (2000); and “23ème Salon d’Automne”, Nicolas Sursock Museum, Beirut (catalogue, 2000).

He won a stipendium from the Graduate School for the Arts and Sciences (2008) and the President’s Master Student Prize (2005), both from the Institute for Art in Context, Berlin (2008); and an “Artist in Residence” award from Solidere, Beirut (2006).


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