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walid siti in "By the waterside", istanbul

"by the waterside"
artinternational, instanbul
4-6 september 2015

walid siti, the tower, TImber and wood, 700x500x500 cm, 2015.installation at the golden horn in istanbul

By the Waterside is ARTINTERNATIONAL’s dedicated sculpture terrace. Located on the pier in front of the Haliç Congress Center, which overlooks the Golden Horn and historic Istanbul, the area provides a beautiful backdrop for large sculptural artworks presented by the fair’s participating galleries. Artists exhibiting in By The Waterside at ARTINTERNATIONAL 2015 are Rada Boukova, Guido Casaretto, Karl Karner, Akir Gökçeba, Yerbossyn Meldibekov, Stefan Nikolaev, Ichwan Noor, Javier Pérez, Paul Schwer and Walid Siti.

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