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walid siti in "The dialogue city", almaty

"The dialogue city", artbat fest6
27 august - 27 september 2015
almaty, kazakhstan

walid siti, the seven towers, 2015. Installation in ALMATY

Caspian Arts Foundation is proud to participate in ArtBat Festís 6th Edition public art project, The Air of the Earth, curated by Sergey Kovalevsky. Artists Walid Siti and Bisan Abu- Eisheh have been commissioned to create works that will be displayed within the public art spaces assigned throughout Kazakhstanís cultural capital of Almaty. The festival opens to the public from 27 August and concludes on 27 September;

Abu-Eisheh, a Central Saint Martins graduate, discusses the notion of mobile housing as an unpleasant and traumatic experience, however, the concept of the Yurt probed the artist to rethink these attitudes and discourse the notion of temporary dwelling as an inherent part of oneís cultural identity. With the proposed installation, Abu-Eisheh intends to bring together the traditional Central Asian customs with contemporary Kazakh identity.

Bisan Abu Eisheh intends to construct a Yurt out of the chemical shapes of the elements that make up three main resources: gas, petroleum and uranium, that have facilitated such a rapid economic development of Kazakhstan. Here, the audience will present the human resources of the country as an inherent component of every home and an essential resource for the countryís future prosperity.

Walid Siti presents The Seven Towers, which has already been displayed at the inauguration of the Astana Art Festival in July. The premises for the concept of this installation is based on Walid Sitiís ongoing occupation with the idea of the artistís identity which is frequently tested as he sees in the post war re-orientation and re-construction of Iraqi-Kurdistan, in particular in his hometown, Duhok, where the emergence of atypical social and economic structures is based on the capitalist models of Western Europe and the United States. Emanating from the new wealth of the oil rich states of the Middle East, a wave of dramatic change has taken hold of an entire region reaching from the Persian Gulf to the Caspian Sea. The frenzy of the petrol boom, waste and greed dictate the shape of the present developments and the uncertainties of the future. A sense of discontinuity amid the loss of familiar standards, proportions and values prevail.

Under the banner of modernisation, old city neighbourhoods are demolished and populations uprooted; speculators force gigantic building programmes upon the municipality in imitation of Western architectural styles and planing models; a foreign system of social organisation is being imposed, thereby undermining a traditional order of life.

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