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matthew corbin bishop in 'discontinued values'

UNTIL 15 September 2014
science library
vladikavkaz, north ossetia

'A Little Bit Confused' (Carte Kafkaz 2014), is influenced by Alighiero Boetti's "Mappa" series. Using Wikipedia for information and flags as a very basic tool of identity, ideology and individuality and therefore as a geo-political statement, Corbin Bishop explores the political confusion and exploration of localised culture that appeared after the fall of the Soviet Union. 

Unlike the "Mappa" series, this piece contains both historical and contemporary references. The two sections that mirror each other show the present situation - a sea of colours - and the Soviet period - a homegenous block of red and blue.

left: matthew corbin bishop
'A Little Bit Confused'
(Carte Kafkaz 2014), 42x59.4cm, gouache on graph paper



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