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19 july - 7 september 2014
casula powerhouse arts centre, liverpool

Vivienne Binns and Hossein Valamanesh are mighty forces in the Australian contemporary art landscape. Their individual practices are uncompromising and evolving as both artists continually experiment with material, form and subject. Despite this ongoing evolution, spanning nearly half a century of art practice, an acutely individual visual language has pervaded each artist’s work, marking it as their own as instantly as a signature.

This exhibition is a rare opportunity to see such a broad range of works from each artists oeuvre. With over 70 works on exhibition, this show includes work that has never been displayed in Sydney before. This exhibition does not seek parallels between the two artists’ work, rather it celebrates difference and presents major bodies of work that relate to each other in surprising ways.

Both artists have collaborated with other artists throughout their careers and are participating in this exhibition with the same spirit of collaboration as neither artist knows what to expect in showing their work alongside each other. This says much about their practices, taking risks and pushing boundaries with a natural confidence that has been cultivated over their vast artistic careers. BINNS + VALAMANESH tosses two of Australia’s heavyweights of contemporary art together and this seemingly unlikely pairing will be an aesthetic adventure into unchartered territory.

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Image: Hossein Valamanesh Fallen Branch 2005, bronze 152 x 156 x 7 cm edition of 3.
Courtesy of the Artist and Greenaway Art Gallery Adelaide


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