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walid siti: re-construction

above: Walid SIti, Paths, acrylic on canvas, 168x211 cm, 2013

40 Elcho Street
London SW11 4AU

EOA.PROJECTS, in collaboration with Rose Issa Projects, is proud to present RECONSTRUCTION, a major solo exhibition by renowned Kurdish-Iraqi artist Walid Siti.

This timely exhibition comprises new large-scale paintings, works on paper and installations, expressing Siti’s reaction to the on-going process of transformation and ‘re-construction’ in the Middle East and in particular the artist's homeland of Iraq; where a continuous struggle to create, destroy and rebuild defines a deeper and darker human endeavour to 'build imaginary mountains' and reach the summit at any cost.

Pyramids, the Ziggurat, metaphorical mountains and ladders, referred to as that ancient tool for climbing, continue to form essential parts of Siti's visual vocabulary. Each of these forms has a powerful symbolic meaning, and their deconstruction in Siti's work conveys the concept of a shift from their former position within a historical cultural tradition to a complex contemporary form.

The ensuing transformation from order to disorder and vice versa defines this body of work. RE-CONSTRUCTION creates a visual metaphor for dislocation and disorientation, where new potential has been unleashed in a fragile and troubled landscape that is witnessing rapid social change, shifting power structures, inept development, conflict and an uncertain future.

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