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Following an invitation by Saba Manouchehri Kashani, the keeper of Manouchehri Merchant House, and to coincide with a symposium examining the relationship between Music and architecture, artists Bita Ghezelayagh and Farhad Ahrarnia participate in an exhibition of several of their most iconic artworks in the historical and architecturally significant settings of the house.

Earlier this year the laborious and much considered restoration of Manouchehri house was nominated for the prestigious Agha Khan prize for architecture. Over the past decade, both Ghezelayagh and Ahrarnia have invested much interest and effort in engaging with ideas around the thorny issues of national heritage, revival of traditional skills, the art of making and the scrupulous exploration and restoration of historical ideals. As both artists adamantly state: 'it felt more than appropriate to locate and test out the physicality and conceptual possess of our works within the boundaries of this monumental house in Kashan, an architectural gem of a city located on the edge of one of the most expansive deserts in Iran.

Their works will remain on site from the 2nd of December through the winter of 2016-2017.


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