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An exhibition at the Ismaili Centre to celebrate

21 October – 5 November 2016
Monday – Saturday 11:00-17:00

Khaled Ben Slimane - Graham Day - Hanieh Delecroix - Parastou Forouhar - Farnaz Jahanbin - Katayoun Rouhi

The Ismaili Centre is delighted to present a special exhibition ‘The Writing of Art’ together with its musical and theatrical programme for the Nour Festival of the Arts.

THE WRITING OF ART offers a glimpse into the many contemporary art approaches influenced by Persian and Arabic calligraphy, bringing together the work of Khaled Ben Slimane, Graham Day, Hanieh Delecroix, Parastou Forouhar, Farnaz Jahanbin and Katayoun Rouhi.

Providing a window into the infinitely variable interpretations and articulations of the word as art, the exhibition highlights the plasticity between word, idea and image, traditionally juxtaposed as discrete systems of the visual and the discursive.

The flowing decorative designs of Tunisian studio potter and painter Khaled Ben Slimane contrast the precise geometries and contemporary logically-inspired designs of British artist Graham Day.
The allegorical visual poetry of Katayoun Rouhi and the versatile brushes of Farnaz Jahanbin are presented alongside Parastou Forouhar’s challenging and zoomorphic calligraphic drawings to suggest a historical-cultural narrative that is continually processing cross-cultural influences and missing texts.

On view together for the first time in the contemplative halls of the Ismaili Centre, these works create a moving poetic dialogue that implicitly weaves culture and history with the ineffable and the sublime.

Presented by the Ismaili Centre and the Nour Festival with special thanks to Rose Issa Projects for generous loans and support.

Coordinated by Amin Abdulla-Pardhan and Rozemin Keshvani  


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